Important information on HILST application

 Safety rules for HILST application 

WARNING! To get the best result possible and to guarantee safety, please follow the following precautions.


  1. HILST components have to be transported in hooded vehicle (moisture-proof) with packing untouched.
  2. Cans should be transported in erect position; it is prohibited to put them on their sides.


  1. Vessels with HILST should be kept in dry enclosed room with constant temperature.
  2. Recommended storage temperature is 5-300C. Observe temperature conditions.
  3. Storage time is 24 months (maximum two weeks if open).
  4. Low temperature conditions do not influent material structure but affect the reaction time.
  5. Keep away of children.

Concrete substitute application

  1. Observe all recommendations.
  2. The components should be mixed in close vicinity with a hole. After the components are mixed together the reaction is unstoppable.
  3. Do not exceed recommended mixing time - it is dangerous!
  4. Avoid contact with skin and clothes. 
  5. Wear protective chemical gloves and goggles.
  6. In case of eye contact wash them with water at least 15 minutes.
  7. Do not inhale vapors. Use only in well-ventilated areas (outside).
  8. If all requirements are met special packing prevents contact with chemicals. Mixed material being poured into a hole does not contain dangerous substances.
  9. Do not put the mixture into a hole with water.
  10. Avoid making too large holes; that will result in excess consumption. Hole diameter has to be 5-10 cm larger than a post.
  11. If ambient temperature is lower than 200C when mixing, the reaction parameters can differ from declared values. If ambient temperature is too high, the reaction would have been accelerated leaving insufficient time for mixing and pouring.
  12. User has to carry out separate examination to determine sufficient time for additional posts' support.
  13. HILST Company does not carry responsibility for improper use of HILST system. HILST Company will not be liable for non-compliance with operating instructions, exceeding established storage time and staff negligence.

Wastes and package disposal

  1. After components are mixed there might be some residues in containers. After you have done mixing and pouring all residues have to be put in a vessel where components had been mixed. The chemical reaction will take place with any amount of components. The resulting material will not be operable but in such a solid state it will be safe for health and environment.
  2. If it is impossible to pour out all liquid residues, dispose in accordance with local rules for non-dangerous substances. Normally a residual volume does not exceed 3% of total volume.
  3. Leave a vessel where compounds were mixed open for at least 1 hour.
  4. Solid residue (the substance resulted from mixing of compounds, e.i. hardened HILST). After components A and B are mixed, expanded and hardened (full hardening takes 12 hours) the material becomes non-plastic and chemical reaction stops. Hardened HILST can be disposed in any disposal site capable of receiving solid wastes.
  5. Putting the wastes in strong plastic bag to transport to disposal site could be the best way.
  6. Research has shown that HILST system does not evolve any hazardous substances.

 General conditions 

Present conditions of use as well as technical and informational support (verbally, in writing or by means of product evaluation) including methods of application is beyond our control. We strongly recommend testing our product and ask for technical assistance, and all required information to determine if it is suitable for your needs.  Such a test must not be limited to purely technical aspects but has to consider safety, environmental and health issues. HILST Company is not under obligation to perform such a testing. All information is given with no guarantees whatsoever. Parties understand and mutually agree that HILST Company is held harmless against any liability, contractual or other, in connection with the use of our product as well as providing technical support and informational services.

Any conjecture not listed therein shall be void and cannot be presented legally. No information stated herein can be regarded as recommendation to use any product in violation of copyright and patent law.  Licensing is neither implied nor granted regardless of claim of any patent.