HILST Standard - posts' installation system for individual use

installation system for individual use Description and application 

  • One liter of HILST substitutes 40 kilos of sand and gravel mix.
  • All in one box. Handy container for mixing: one of the cans 1.0L volume is half empty to allow pouring from another can with 0.5L volume.
  • NO additional equipment is necessary (mixers, shovels, water tanks etc.) and no electric power is required.
  • No debris, no fuss, easy to use. Fast and simple installation of any support structures: five minutes - and post is secured.
  • Ideal for individual use e.g. installing up to 19 fence posts.

Price: 11 EURO

 Video tutorial 

concrete substitute Hilst StandartFence poles' installation with HILST Standard
concrete substitute
The strength test of the concrete substituteStrength test of concrete substitute during installation works in Saudi Arabia 


Item Value

Volume of compound

1.0L (cans with volume 1.0L and 0.5L)
Ready-made mixture volume after expansion is over 14 L
Holes' quantity for 1L compound* 2 ea
Recommended mixing time of A and B components** 15-30 sec
Start expansion time*** 45 sec
Finish expansion time*** up to 3 min
Reaching 80% of strength*** up to 5 min
Reaching 100% of strength*** up to 3 hrs
Compressive strength upon 10% deformation**** 660 kP
Water weight ratio, up to 1,4%

*Sample calculation for the following post and holes:  post 62mm x 55mm – hole diameter 100mm, depth 1m; post 60mm x 60 mm - hole diameter 100 mm, depth 1m; post 80 mm x 80 mm - hole diameter 100mm, depth 1m; post 100 mm x 100 mm - hole diameter 150 mm, depth 1m; post diameter 76 mm - hole diameter 100 mm, depth 1m.
** For maximum efficiency it is recommended to maintain HILST components’ temperature between +15 C and +28 C when mixing and pouring.
*** For ambient temperature +200С. It should be noted that reaction rate is in direct proportion with ambient temperature.
**** Reference value for hand mixing under the temperature +200С for 20 sec.

Product code: 4620769391100