HILST Expert - for installing complicated industrial structures

 Description and application 

Замена бетона Hilst Expert

  • HILST Expert is two-component compound material for installation of vertical as well as horizontal support structures (overhead electric lines' posts, city light posts, masts, antennas, pipeline hanger supports)*.
  • 40 liters of HILST substitute 1 m3 of concrete.
  • 20 kilos buckets can be carried in any vehicle.
  • Drill mixer will be needed for components' mixing.
  • Prompt installation of any industrial or household structures.
  • Perfect for installing electric line supports, horizontal supports of pipelines in hard-to-reach areas as well as in winter time.

Price: 320 EURO / 40.0 liters.

** We recommend using 12-20 liters bucket for mixing maximum 5 liters of each component (total volume will be 10 liters that is sufficient to fill up 130 liters hole).

 Video tutorial 

Hilst Expert
Using HILST Expert to install the concrete pole
in ever-frost soil
Монтаж столбов в бетонные стаканы видео
Installing metal supports of electric line
into concrete cups


Item Value
Volume of compound 40L (2 x 20L buckets)
Ready-made mixture volume after expansion is over 520L
Quantity of holes* up to 70 ea
Recommended mixing time of A and B components** 25-40 sec
Start expansion time*** 60 sec
Finish expansion time*** up to 6 min
Reaching 80% of strength*** up to 45 min
Reaching 100% of strength*** up to 5 hrs
Compressive strength upon 10% deformation**** 840 kP
Water weight ratio, up to 1,2%

* We recommend using HILST Professional for fence posts fitting whereas HILST Expert is intended for industrial use. It is not practical to use HILST Expert for low-loaded structures, besides it does not make economic sense.     

** To achieve specifications stated, we recommend keeping components' temperature prior to mixing within the range +15...+28°С. In winter components are to be stored in warm place with air temperature above +20°C.

*** HILST Expert components' temperature +20°C. It should be noted that reaction rate is in direct proportion with components' temperature (ambient temperature). In case working temperature range is beyond recommended value, maximum specified strength would be reached in 24 hours.

**** Reference value. When mixing 10L compound with drill mixer for 30 sec at temperature of +20°C.

If a hoisting crane is employed it can be relieved in 20-30 minutes, depending on method of installation, soil conditions and weather conditions.

HILST Expert can be used either for new installation or to strengthen existing structures.

 Main features and advantages over concrete 

  • installation postsHILST Expert saves staff costs since no additional fixing works are required.
  • There is no need to tramp a hole bottom.
  • Outer surface of a post remains intact (e.g. polymer layer or paint-coated metallic post) as it is often unobtainable with gravel in traditional concrete.
  • Operation time is several-fold less owing to much simplified timbering and fast hardening.
  • HILST Expert features outstanding adhesion with wide range of materials: wood, steel, concrete, plastic, fiber and compound materials.
  • Good adhesion with wood poles reduces the risk of pole fouling in the most susceptible spot - at length of 30 cm below soil level.
  • HILST Expert is non-conductor; this allows reducing the risk of corrosion on account of earth current that is present around ETL, in the vicinity of mining and where cathode protection is used. 
  • Since the compound is hydrophobic, its physical properties are not affected by wet soil either in liquid or solid state (providing ditch water covers less than 2 cm of a structure in the hole).
  • If a hoisting crane is employed it can be relieved in 20-30 minutes, depending on method of installation, soil conditions and weather conditions.

Volume of compound