Hilst concrete substitute for installation posts

For convenience of individual buyers, professional teams and industrial applications HILST system is available in several products for maximum flexibility.

 Products' choice and price quotation 

Hilst Standart

HILST Standard

Volume: 1.0L (0.5L+0.5L)
Volume to fill: 14 Liters
Posts’ quantity: up to 2

Price 10 EURO

HILST Professional

HILST Professional

Volume: 10.0L (5.0L+5.0L)
Volume to fill: 140 Liters
Posts’ quantity: up to 20

Price 87 EURO


HILST Expert

HILST Expert

Volume: 40.0L (20.0L+20.0L) Volume to fill: 560 Liters
Posts’ quantity: up to 70

Price 320 EURO

 Distinctive features 

  1. HILST Standard – for individual use. The density and strength parameters are optimal for installing ventilated fences, turnpikes, parking poles, sheds and pergolas. The product is delivered in a box containing 2 cans with volume 0.5L and 1.0L; 970 grams total weight.
  2. HILST Professional – suitable for individual as well as professional use. Applicable for installing fences more than 15 meters long (ventilated as well as solid) with up to 2.5 meters high and maximum 2.0 meters span. Ventilated fences tolerate 6 meters high and 2.5 meters span. The product is delivered in 2 cans 5.0L each.
  3. HILST Expert – for installing overhead electric lines' supports, industrial antennas, city lights' posts etc. Top product strength provides for reliable fixing of that kind of structures. The product is delivered in buckets 20.0L each.