Partner's program HILST

We suggest installation companies to make use of HILST concrete substitute - that will increase their mobility and operational efficiency contributing to enhance competitive advantages. Our experience shows clearly: you will be able to double your orders. Besides, our partners benefit from the special price.

 Do you want to earn with us? We want to help you! 

We receive about 20 orders and tender offers a day regarding fencing works from all over the Russian Federation. We propose partnership to installation teams from any city. We would be pleased to give away that orders to you and will readily publish your contact information in WHERE TO BUY section.

 Advantages of HILST for installation teams 

  1. Партнерская программа HILSTPost installation takes as short as 5 minutes. Total time of installation works is two times shorter than concrete works.
  2. Indispensible for hard-to-reach places (highland, forests, swamps) - difficult do drive to or to deliver heavy concrete to construction site.
  3. You are not dependent on concrete delivery. A team can arrive to installation site at any time: get there, get the job done and leave.
  4. E.g. fencing of 0.2 acres site (48 holes, 2.5 meters span) will require only 48 kilos of HILST! It can be easily transported in the trunk!
  5. Installation works for the same 0.2 acres site will take only one day for two men gang! Concrete works would have required 2 days.
  6. And do not forget: one need to find a concrete supplier not far from the site, place an order and spend some time waiting for delivery (that is more than often got delayed). Using HILST allows you to make the most of your time!
  7. Concrete works mean a prepared area has to be arranged for storage. And what if you have some concrete remaining - where to put it? And what if you miscalculated and are short of concrete? Concrete is ALWAYS either more or less than needed!
  8. One kilo of HILST substitutes 40 kilos of sand and gravel mix. You will not have to be bothered with delivery and mixing of 40 kilos of sand and gravel.
  9. If you work with a dry mix do not forget - you are going to need some water - about 10 liters for every 20 kilos of mixture. You will also need some gear and container. Installing posts with HILST will not even require a shovel!
  10. You save some hardship with the holes - their diameter are two times smaller because HILST has high penetrating capacity and fills in all hole volume.
  11. Less manpower efforts very often means higher quality of works.
  12. Work site remains clean and undisturbed - there is no need in carrying heavy concrete.
  13. Installation work on a small site is a finger snap. Nobody likes to take job to install 5-20 square meters fence. Traditionally such works cost a lot, and it will take minimum time possible for installation team using HILST.
  14. Staff cost is lower (less people needed) as well as cost of tools and consumables are (almost nothing is needed).

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 Advantages for traders 

  1. Favorable pricing proposals and high marginal revenue Advantages for traders
  2. The product novelty set you apart from competitors with traditional dry mixture offers.
  3. Promotional support