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Electric Post Hole Borer HILST

Do you want your work to be enjoyable? Do you want your tasks to be accomplished by someone else but success is credited to yourself?  Try revolutionary self-drilling Electric Post Hole Borer HILST.

 Features and price quotation of Electric Post Hole Borer HILST 

Электрический бур - бурит сам!
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Motor output: 2.2 kW
  • Weight in assembly with auger D=100 mm: 14 kg
  • Boring depth: up to 1 meter
  • Auger dimensions: 80-200 mm
  • Boring time of a hole 1 meter deep: about 2 minutes
  • Boring at an angle: yes
  • Mobility: pneumatic wheels
  • Safe frame: yes, jam protection.

Price: 38 500 RUB

 Main features and advantages 

  1. This electric tool is operated by one man only and substitutes several men team.
  2. Virtually independent operation with almost no efforts from the operator saves a lot of labor.
  3. Rugged portable design. The machine folds up to fit in any vehicle.
  4. Light weight and pneumatic wheels allow transporting the machine on hills, over curbs and even up the stairs.
  5. HILST Post Hole Borer is powerful enough to drill any kind of soil, even solid and stony ones.
  6. High performance. It takes only two minutes to drill a hole. Consider, how many holes a day you would be able to produce?

Are you still up to hire a team or want to do it on your own?
In any case our Post Hole Borer will make it simpler and at lower cost!

Electric Post Hole Borer HILST. Less efforts. More results.