Drill holes for the installation of a fence posts

Up-to-date mobile motorized Post Hole Borers for fences, masts, road signs and any other support structures of the kind. It is time to save in fences’ installation works!

 Range of Post Hole Borers and price quotation 


Electric Post Hole Borer

Price: 38 500 RUB


Petrol-driven Post Hole Borer

Price: 41 000 RUB

 HILST equipment description 

Simple and easy to use Post Hole Boring System "Easy Drill" had been developed by German scientists. Modern advanced HILST tooling inherited all its advantages: secure frame, powerful electric motor, high-performance reducer with outstanding torque value and above all - special self-drilling auger providing easy efficient boring almost effortlessly!

There is no need to gather up the whole team! With HILST tooling one or two men is enough to install a fence of any complexity!

Do you want to save on fence works and do it without assistance? Nothing is easier! HILST equipment will do boring with no efforts from you! All you have to do is to plant a post into the hole, and our HILST concrete substitute will do a fixing!

 Post Hole Borers' features 

  • Light weight and rugged design allows transporting the machine in the trunk of any vehicle.
  • HILST Post Hole Borer is very mobile (it is equipped with pneumatic wheels). The machine fit in standard doors and is easily moved on site.
  • You can climb the steps with the HILST Post Hole Borer - no analog can manage the same!
  • Easy safe boring, top-notch reliability and performance, reduced physical exertion make HILST tooling the true leader!
  • However, the main thing that sets HILST apart from its competitors is special auger raise-and-lower system.
  • The boring can be done close to existing structures.
  • Holes can be bored at dead horizontal level on hills with any slope.
  • HILST system succeeds even in the most complicated cases for holes' boring - dry and stony soil. The machine offers reliable protection against back blow due to temporal auger jam.
  • Average boring rate for a hole 1 meter deep is 1-2 minutes with almost no efforts, that together with HILST concrete substitute accounts for minimum cost of a fence construction.

Professionals choose for HILST tooling - revolutionary tool for post hole boring.