Application alternative to concrete HILST

Since HILST makes fitting works of various structures easier and faster at lower costs in comparison to traditional methods (e.g. concrete works, screw piles), the scope of application is numerous: from individual use to large construction projects. Let us enlist some examples.

 Scope of HILST application 

Road signs and direction signs

Дорожные указателиRoad direction signs Рекламные указателиSignboards, billboards and signposts Монтаж дорожных знаковRoad signs and traffic lights

Parking lots

Парковочные столбикиParking posts Ограничители проезжей части - заборыYard fences ШлагбаумыAutomated and manual turnpikes

Flagpoles, masts, antennas and wind power generators

ФлагштокиFlagpoles Мачты антеннStreet antennas' masts МетеостанцииWeather stations

Different posts

ЗаборFences - the most common field of  application ФонариGarden and park lights Столбы ЛЭПElectric power lines


Пергола-навес-беседкаPergolas for recreation areas Перголы декоративныеDecorative pergolas Перголы для цветовGarden flowers pergolas

Sheds and patios

Навес для автомобиля
Навес для праздников, пикникаSheds for picnics and parties Навес-веранда садовыйPatios

Arbors and terraces

Парковые беседкиPublic Parks’ Arbors Садовые беседкиGarden Arbors ТеррасаSheltered Terraces

 The main advantages of HILST concrete substitute 

  • Simplicity and efficiency of road signs' construction - less manpower and tooling are required.
  • Limited construction site area is not a problem for making parking lots, besides a site is normally left clean after all works are over - no further cleaning is necessary (which could be a problem within city limits).
  • High performance of flagpoles' and masts’ fitting works - there is no need in fencing a construction site for long.
  • Fence posts, city lights' posts, overhead electric line posts - high efficiency; no heavy works; clean construction site after all works are over; easy cables' routing through posts.
  • Ease and neatness in pergolas' fitting are highly appreciated.
  • Sheds and patios - speedy and simple construction with no debris left.
  • Arbors and terraces - speedy and simple, and your loan will not be left grassless with debris all around.

Significant additional advantages of HILST: works can be performed under the temperature down to -30°C (in ever-frost soil as well); high mobility (the compound is always on hand in a car trunk); the compound is light (40 times lighter than concrete) and could be delivered to sites difficult to reach by a vehicle; posts are well protected against rusting and fouling.