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HILST system - the revolutionary alternative to concrete

Thanks to HILST system, the costs for any fence fitting now is 1.5 times lower and turnaround time 2 times faster than our competitors are able to offer!

HILST concreting system is the most up-to-date technology for any support structure fitting.

HILST concrete substitute is employed either for fitting vertical structures (fence posts, sign-posts, road signs, turnpikes, sheds, pergolas etc.) or horizontal support structures e.g. for water and gas pipelines.

HILST system is the simplest cost saving and most reliable technology for support structures' fitting for ever-frost soils, highlands, boreal forests and other areas where traditional methods (concrete) are difficult to apply.

 Advantages of HILST concrete substitute over concrete 

  1. HILST system for installation fencesHILST reaches its strength in only 5 minutes (and full strength - in about an hour). Concrete needs minimum 24 hours. This allows reducing installation works' time multi-fold.
  2. Reduced efforts for installation works. Required volume of HILST concrete substitute is 40 times less (by mass and volume).
  3. Worksite delivery is much cheaper and easier which is particularly important for hard-to-reach places such as swamps, mountains or deep forests.
  4. Holes' diameter for posts is 2 times smaller; small holes’ diameters are virtually impossible to fill in with concrete properly.
  5. Worksite stays free of debris after all operations are over.
  6. Since concrete is hygroscopic, wood posts and concrete posts putrefy inevitably. Besides, concrete is a highly alkaline substance that intensifies posts' rusting and fouling.  HILST dense pore structure does not absorb moisture preventing posts' rusting and fouling.
  7. HILST concrete substitute fix a post more efficiently than concrete does. Owing to chemical reaction of foaming HILST fills up ALL free space in a hole - the effect that is unobtainable with concrete.
  8. The works can be performed with the temperature well below zero, down to -25°C.
  9. Concrete substitute is non-hazardous and eco-friendly (concrete can be reckoned the same however).

 Reports and Russian Certificates  

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  2. Exemption letter
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  4. Expert Review
  5. Certificate of Compliance HILST